When is your next sale?

Written by The Contract Shop®
Updated 2 years ago

Unfortunately, we cannot promise when or if there are any sales coming up. We highly suggest you buy what you need if you need it now. The reason being is if you do the math, it often doesn't make sense to wait for a sale.

That is, if you could be working with more clients with a contract that protects you from the kinds of things that cost you money (i.e. scope creep, asking for "just one more thing," falling behind on invoices, etc.), it's likely that the contract will pay for itself well before our next sale.

Your time is worth money - so let's get you those clients today instead of 6 months from now! Send us an email at hello@thecontractshop.com and we'd be happy to check what current discount codes we have available to share with you!

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