Will your legal templates hold up in court?

Written by The Contract Shop®
Updated 2 years ago

We really hope it never gets that far! But for further peace of mind, you can learn more about how the dispute process works — and the steps that come way before ending up in court.

That said, if you were to get into litigation, the most important thing to have at your disposal is a clear, unambiguous list of what your rights and responsibilities with your client were/are. Our templates provide exactly that, plus the necessary language around dispute resolution and the things that make a contract legally sound and legitimate for business use. That includes details like:

  • Where a dispute will be negotiated, or litigated, if it comes to that
  • What your cancellation policy is, and how that will be enforced [the template allows you to choose, with suggested language]
  • Language that the contract is your full and final agreement [to avoid hunting for emails, texts, and messages to prove so]

Can you see why a contract is SO important now?

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