Should I trademark my business name & logo?

Short Answer: Yes!
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Updated 2 years ago

Short Answer: Yes!

And now, the long answer...

Even though you have a trademark as soon as you choose your name or logo, you should register it to ensure maximum protection. The big companies like Nike have a trademark in both their name and their logo ✔️.

If you register your business name, logo, tagline, phrase, etc, that means no one else can use it on a country-wide level. (Different countries have different requirements for trademarks and if you’re working on an international level, I recommend that you get a lawyer to help you!) 

The “rules” about first use and geographic limitation for trademarks a bit blurry… what that means is that if you were the first to use a business name but only had clients in a limited area, and then someone else picked it up but worked internationally, you’d probably lose out in a legal battle and would be limited to using your business name only in your original location.

Whether you’re an e-commerce business or not, you can have an unregistered trademark by simply putting ™ after your name or logo, but that just gives you minimal protection.

Having a registered trademark gives you different protections and it keeps anyone else from hijacking your hard work (which can confuse your customers!).  You also look super legit cause you get to use the “®” symbol once the registration goes through. Most importantly, though, you can sue anyone that infringes on your trademark and block them from entering any goods through customs.

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