How do I file an LLC?

Tip: It varies state by state
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Updated 2 years ago

No two states are created equally when it comes to what businesses need to operate in them. To make sure you don’t need any additional paperwork or licenses, search for the Secretary of State website in your state and review their guidelines for filing a new LLC.

Some Secretary of State websites have a complete checklist (like Colorado!) containing everything you should do to start a new business. Not sure where to find this info? Simply Google “[your state] LLC filing.”

We also put together our 5 simple steps for filing your LLC:

  1. Choose your LLC name. Don’t overthink it — I explain why here.
  2. Get your EIN created. Seriously, it takes like 4 minutes. Here’s how to do it.
  3. Decide what address you want to file your LLC under. Hear why I have a virtual mailbox
  4. Visit your state’s Secretary of State site. I break down what to do once you’re there.
  5. Fill out your state’s LLC form and submit it. Don’t forget to submit and save a copy as a PDF! You’ll know it’s properly filed when this happens


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