Do I need business insurance?

No one needs insurance...until they really, really do.
Written by The Contract Shop®
Updated 2 years ago

No one needs insurance...until they really, really do. We know, insurance isn’t the most exhilarating topic. But you really should choose your business insurance with care. It protects you against things like

  • Financial loss
  • General liability
  • Bodily injury and property damage claims

Along with general insurance, errors and omissions (E&O) insurance is another great resource. If a mistake happens during your services, such as a breach of contract, misrepresented deliverables, etc., this insurance protects you if your client submits a legal claim. 

You may never need to even use your insurance, and we hope you never do. But even the best companies occasionally need a little support, and if something goes wrong, you will want to be prepared. 

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